Visual Studio Code Extensions

Here is my extension list, also a scale of usage (1-5) meaning how often I use it.


These extensions is generally for text editing that increase editing workflow, and not language specific.

ExtensionsScale of usage (1-5)Description
Better Comments4Gives different color highlight for different comment type
Advanced New File5Create new file on a specific folder just by keystroke, I mapped ⌘ + N to this extension
Bracketeer4Useful to change bracket, or remove bracket, select text inside a quote, change quote (", ', `)
Dracula ThemeDefault ThemeBest dark theme for me. I even use it on my website
File Utils5A convenient way of creating, duplicating, moving, renaming and deleting files and directories
GitLens2A git extension that show git status on the line
Indent Rainbow4Makes indentation easier to read. You can only use bracket color, but I prefer this one
Material Icon ThemeDefault IconsGreat icons, it has a lot of icons for folders too
Case Preserve3This one is super useful, when you select occurences (⌘ + D) and they have different cases, it will preserve the case when you change the text
Prettier5This extension is for formatting code, it will format the code when you save it
Tab Out3Escape bracket using tabs, similar to eclipse editor
VS Sequential Number3Input sequential number in the across multiple cursors. This is unexpectedly useful


ExtensionsScale of usage (1-5)Description
Auto Rename Tag4Auto rename paired HTML tag, you can also use the VSCode built-in, but it is kinda buggy in React
Color Highlight4Highlight web colors (hex, hsl, rgb, etc)
CSS Peek3Peek CSS id and class definition
HTML CSS Support3CSS intellisense for HTML
Turbo Console Log5Use this all the time, will add console log with a keystroke

React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS

Extensions for my current go-to workflow

ExtensionsScale of usage (1-5)Description
Next.js React Snippets by iJS1Usually only using the gsp, gssp, probably might just create a custom snippets tbh
Headwind5Sort Tailwind CSS classes
Tailwind CSS IntelliSense5Auto complete for Tailwind CSS classes
Quokka.js3JS and TS playground, very useful for testing map function, etc
Github Copilot3Very useful, but my 2013 Macbook Air sometimes can't handle the computation